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Due to the current situation in the country which has arisen due to the Corona Virus outbreak, SLLA has postponed all activities scheduled from 15th of March 2020 until further notice. Accordingly, classes in the Diploma/Higher Diploma in Library and Information Science (DIPLIS/HDIPLIS) and Course on Library Automation (COLA) have been postponed.

All students are advised to stay at home following guidelines offered by the Government and the Health Authorities.

We appeal to all library employees and administrators to follow the guidelines given in the following advisory issued by the National Library and Documentation Services Board. See the NLDSB circular(pdf)

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වාර්ෂික මහා සභා රැස්වීම කල් දැමීම 

ශ්‍රී ලංකා පුස්තකාල සංගමයේ හැට දෙවන (62) මහා සභා රැස්වීම ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ පවතින වර්තමන් තත්ත්වය  හේතුවෙන් නියමිත දිනයේ (2022.06.24) පෙවෙත්විමට නොහැකි  බව පාලක සභාව 2021/22 විසින් තීරණය කර ඇත. රැස්වීම පවත්වන  දිනය පසුව දැනුම් දෙනු ලැබේ.

வருடாந்த பொதுக்கூட்டம் ஒத்திவைப்பு

இலங்கையின் தற்போதைய சூழ்நிலை காரணமாக இலங்கை நூலக சங்கத்தின் 62வது பொதுக்கூட்டத்தை உரிய திகதியில் (2022.06.24) நடத்த முடியாது என 2021/22 இலங்கை நூலக சங்கத்தின் மூதவை தீர்மானித்துள்ளது. இதன்படி வருடாந்த பொதுக்கூட்டம் நடைபெறும் திகதி பின்னர் அறிவிக்கப்படும்.

Postponement of the Annual General Meeting

The Council of the SLLA 2021/22 has decided to postpone the (62nd) Annual General Meeting of the Sri Lanka Library Association by considering the prevailing situation in the country. Therefore, the AGM will not be held on the scheduled date (2022.06.24) and the date of the AGM will be notified later.

Ms. Dilhani Munasinghe
General Secretary / Sri Lanka Library Association (2021/22)

Call for Application - HDIPLIS II 

SLLA invites applications for the course Higher Diploma in Library & Information Science - HDIPLIS II. Those who have successfully completed their HDIPLIS I (DIPLIS - Level II) can apply for this course. Closing date on or before 08th February 2022. Download application form

Upgrade your SLLA membership Deadline extended

SLLA invites applications for Associateship, Fellowship, and Life membership. The closing date for the applications is on or before 25th May 2022. Please click  the relevant membership category to get more details and download the application form.

Notice to SLLA Members - Change of Auditors for SLLA imp notice

This is brought to your kind attention that a decision was taken by the general membership of the Sri Lanka Library Association at the last Annual General Meeting held on15th October 2021, to change the present auditors. This is purely because the audit was handled by previous auditors for a considerable period of time and the members felt the need for a change. Therefore as per the General Membership and the Council's decision we have appointed Priyawardena Associates, Chartered Accountants, No 40, Park Lane, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya, as our auditors with effect from 28th November 2021. They will be in charge of the audit for the financial year ending 31st March 2022.







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